Merry Christmas from BarnWood2GO

Good afternoon, friends.

As the holiday season progresses, we are reminded of what an outstanding year we’ve had here at BW2G. We’d like to acknowledge that you are the reason it was such a great year. Without the support of our network of customers, followers, and families, we would be nothing.

From us to you, thank you.

One of my favorite holiday memories is camping out in the living room on Christmas eve in our old farmhouse where I grew up. The Christmas eve church service was a staple in our home followed by a feast of epic proportion when we came back home. After the last piece of ham was eaten and the remaining egg nog was put away, my parents, brothers, sister, and I would make a giant fort of pillows and blankets. My dad would read “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” and one-by-one, we’d gently fall asleep to the sound of crackling logs in the fireplace. We knew that mom and dad were behind the midnight delivery of gifts but to this day I have no idea how they did it without waking any of us. Our 120-year-old house had original hardwood floors which were covered by carpet in some places and fully exposed in others. Regardless, it was impossible to sneak around that house, a chubby mouse would make that floor creak.

Those of us who have grown up (a term I use loosely) now have our own holiday traditions with our own little ones. The joy has shifted from opening presents and eating treats to watching the sheer delight on our children’s faces as they experience the magic of Christmas that we seem to have buried in the hustle and bustle of life. Even as I write this, the excitement is welling up inside me to think of my youngest baby girl ripping into wrapping paper on a snowy Yuletide morning.

Whatever your traditions, circumstance, faith, or lifestyle, we hope that you fill you holiday season with joy and hope for a fantastic 2019. May this time be one of restoration and revitalization for you and your family.

Also, you should probably go ahead and order your BarnWood2GO during our Christmas promotion for that project you’ve been putting off all year…I mean, using the code DECKTHEWALLS gets you 30% off!!!


Merry Christmas,

-Tim Doerfler, Creative Content Director, BarnWood2GO