Q: Is BarnWood2Go Real Barn Wood?

A: Yes, BarnWood2GO is 100% real authentic wood. It is milled from old barns and wooden structures from right here in America!

Q: Can I request samples of BarnWood2GO?

A: Absolutely! Click on the "Get Samples" tab above to request samples.

Q: What colors options are available for BarnWood2GO?

A: We offer eight different color options. You may select from Grey, White, Oak and Natural as part of our Modern Collection and Weathered Grey, White, Oak and Natural as part of our Weathered Collection. Many customers enjoy combining more than one color to make their project unique.

Q: Is BarnWood2GO easy to Install?

A: Yes, BarnWood2GO is quick and easy to install! This authentic barn wood uses a peel and stick adhesive that makes in a Do-It-Yourself product. Please refer to the install video on the homepage for more details.

Q: How wide are the BarnWood2GO planks?

A: BarnWood2GO comes in 3 different widths. You can choose one, or a combination of any width to allow you the freedom to make your design a one-of-a-kind piece of art. They are available in individual boxes of 4.5” and 5.5” widths.

Q: How long are the BarnWood2GO planks?

A: Depending on the square footage you need and the box you request, lengths range between 1-4 feet.

Q: Can I purchase specific lengths of BarnWood2GO?

A: No. In order to get the unique look that BarnWood2GO provides, it is only available in random lengths.

Q: How thick is BarnWood2GO?

A: The average thickness of BarnWood2GO is 5mm. Compared to 2-3mm from competitor brands.

Q: How do I calculate the square footage I need?

A: Calculate your square footage by measuring the length and width of your are by feet, then multiply those two numbers. (Example: 4ft x 3ft = 12 sq. ft.)

Q: How much square footage is included in a box of BarnWood2GO?

A: Each box of BarnWood2GO will vary depending on the width you select.

4.5” Width Box = Approx. 12 sq. ft.

5.5” Width Box = Approx. 14 sq. ft.

Q: How much BarnWood2GO do I need to order?

A: After calculating your square footage, add 10% to ensure you have enough material to properly complete your project.

Q: What is the shipping cost of BarnWood2GO?

A: Shipping is absolutely free to the continental 48 states. Charges will apply to residents of Alaska, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and International orders.

Q: How fast are BarnWood2GO orders shipped?

A: We do our best to ensure that orders are shipped within 7-10 business days. All orders are shipped via UPS and shipping times can vary depending on your location. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-208-9663 for more information.

Q: Can BarnWood2Go be shipped Internationally?

A: Yes, BarnWood2Go can ship internationally, however, the customer is subject to additional taxes, duties and custom fees.

Q: Does BarnWood2GO need to acclimate prior to installation?

A: Yes, it is recommend that you allow BarnWood2GO to acclimate for 1 week prior to installation. This will allow BarnWood2GO to adjust to your environment.

Q: What is the best way to acclimate BarnWood2GO?

A: To ensure proper acclimation of your product, remove any shrink wrap and cut the straps on the outside of the box. Open the box and allow the product to sit in the room where it is to be installed. This is especially important if you are installing BarnWood2GO in an area that may be exposed to more moisture or heat, for example, near a kitchen back splash, bathroom or near a heat source.

Q: Is BarnWood2Go a kiln dried product?

A: Yes, BarnWood2Go goes through a very detailed de-nail, kiln dried, sanded and wire brushed process to be sure you are getting the best quality material.

Q: Is it normal to have holes or small cracks in my BarnWood2GO material?

A: Yes, it is perfectly normal to have worm holes, nail holes and small cracks in your BarnWood2GO. This material is 100% authentic recycled wood that has been masterfully restored from the remnants of vintage barns, historic buildings and other aged structures. Nail holes, worm holes, knot holes and small cracks are part of the unique beauty and genuine characteristics of BarnWood2GO.

Q: Can I cut BarnWood2GO?

A: Yes, as shown in the video on the "home" page. You can cut BarnWood2GO with a hand saw or miter saw as needed.

Q: Can BarnWood2GO be cut to fit in tight areas and around fixtures?

A: Yes, BarnWood2GO is very easy to cut to fit into tight spaces. Just measure the area you need using a straightedge as a guide. Then, score the material with a sharp utility knife and bend gently. BarnWood2GO will then be easier to cut into the specific size you need.

Q: Can BarnWood2GO be applied to a textured surface?

A: We recommend applying BarnWood2GO to a smooth, clean surface. Textured surfaces can be sanded to create as smooth of a surface as possible.

Q: Can BarnWood2GO be installed over tile?

A: Yes, BarnWood2GO can be installed over tile as long as the surface has been cleaned and dried prior to installation. However, as with all adhesives, when exposed to a moist surface it could potentially detach from the installation area.

Q: Can BarnWood2GO be installed in an area with moisture?

A: Typically, it is recommended to install BarnWood2GO in a controlled environment free from moisture. However, if moisture or water exposure is a concern of yours, allow the area to dry completely a day before installation and a day after. We then recommend that you seal BarnWood2GO after installation..

Q: Is it safe to install BarnWood2GO near or around a Fireplace?

A: Installing BarnWood2GO near or around a fireplace is very popular and common. We recommend that you apply BarnWood2GO around or near a code approved fireplace. If there are any further questions/concerns, you should contact your local fire marshall for up to date code regulations.

Q: Can BarnWood2GO be installed Outdoors?

A: This product is not intended for outdoor use.

Q: How long will BarnWood2GO adhere to my surface?

A: BarnWood2GO is made with the highest quality materials, but we cannot guarantee the life of the adhesive. There are many factors that can can extend or shorten the life of the adhesive such as relative humidity, improper installation, damp surface prior to installation, a textured surface and many other variables.

Q: Can I remove BarnWood2GO?

A: Yes, it can be removed from any surface. Keep in mind, depending on the original surface, it may minor repairs.

Q: How long has Olde Wood Limited been in business?

A: Olde Wood Limited is a very renowned company in rural Magnolia, Ohio and has been in business for over 20 years.

Q: Can I return BarnWood2GO?

A: Yes, BarnWood2GO can be returned within 15 days of receipt of materials with required prior approval. Please see return policy for more details.

Q: Does BarnWood2GO have a Warranty?

A: BarnWood2GO is made of the highest quality materials with years of wear and durability in mind. We warranty that this product is to be free of manufacturer defects based on the specifications and guidelines of the product. If you feel the materials you received are defective please contact our Customer Service Department within 1-5 days of receiving the material.

All materials are reviewed on a case by case basis and photos are required of the defective materials for review. After the materials have been reviewed and determined to be defective, the defective materials will be replaced at noadditional cost. Installation of the materials will null and void this warranty.

Q. What type of payments do you accept?

A: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards can all be used during your secure checkout process.